Board of Directors

Jon Soltz, Chairman

Jon Soltz is a leader of the Iraq and Afghanistan veterans' community. He served twice in Iraq  - in 2011 as a Major, helping train the Iraqi Army prior to the removal of US Troops, and in 2003, as a Captain during Operation Iraqi Freedom, deploying logistics convoys with the 1st Armored Division. During 2005, Soltz was mobilized for 365 days at Fort Dix, New Jersey, training soldiers for combat in Afghanistan and Iraq.  He also served his country with distinction in the Kosovo Campaign as a Tank Platoon Leader between June and December 2000. Soltz is a graduate of Washington & Jefferson College with a dual degree in Political Science and History. He has completed graduate work at the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public and International Affairs.
Soltz has become one of the most authoritative and visible figures on veterans issues. He has been interviewed by national media outlets such as the Associated Press, Washington Post, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, TIME, and Newsweek, among others. He has made numerous media appearances, including PBS, CNN, MSNBC, Fox, and ABC.   

Major General (Ret.) Paul Eaton, Managing Director

Major General (Ret.) Paul Eaton served more than 30 years in the United States Army, including combat and post-combat assignments in Iraq, Bosnia and Somalia. As a major general he was assigned to Iraq from 2003 to 2004 as Commanding General of the Coalition Military Assistance Training Team (CMATT), where he designed, manned, trained and equipped the Iraqi armed forces for the Iraqi Ministry of Defense and the security forces for the Interior Ministry. Prior to that assignment, he commanded the Army’s Infantry Center and was Chief of Infantry for the Army. Eaton has appeared on a number of news and commentary programs including Face the Nation, Hardball and all major networks.  During the 2008 campaign season, he advised candidates for both congressional and presidential campaigns.  For the past five years, he served as a senior advisor to the National Security Network.   Additionally, Eaton has recently participated with the Department of Energy in non-proliferation work. He holds a bachelor’s degree from West Point and a master’s in French Political Science from Middlebury College. He is married to PJ, has two sons and a daughter, all soldiers. 


J. Ashwin Madia, Secretary

J. Ashwin Madia is an attorney and Iraq War veteran. The son of immigrants, Madia joined the U.S. Marine Corps after graduating from New York University School of Law. His first duty station was Okinawa, Japan, where he served as a prosecutor, defense counsel, and legal advisor to a Marine Corps commander. From September 2005 to March 2006, Madia served in Iraq in a non-combat role to strengthen Iraq's criminal justice system. He was one of the first attorneys to successfully defend a fellow Marine from treatment under the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy. Madia currently runs his own law practice in Minneapolis, MN, that focuses on consumer law, business litigation, and immigration law.

Lindsay Patross, Treasurer
Lindsay Patross is a Pittsburgh-based new-media consultant who specializes in online and offline community building. A graduate of Cornell University, she has worked on numerous national and political campaigns. Patross serves on the boards of the Pittsburgh Urban Management Project and Venture Outdoors, as well as the grant committee of The Sprout Fund. 

Board of Advisors
The Vet Voice Foundation's Board of Advisors serves onle to advise the VVF's Board of Directors and is not a legal entity; it has no authority over the operation of the VVF. 

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