Browns Canyon National Monument Ribbon Cutting

This Saturday July 18th marks the ribbon cutting ceremony for the new Browns Canyon National Monument in Colorado. Although the actual designation of the monument was signed by President Barrack Obama in February, the local communities near the headwaters of the Arkansas River wanted to wait until river rafting was in high gear this summer. It is the perfect weather to enjoy the outdoors.

This region is quintessential Rocky Mountain landscape. The crisp white river waters, majestic rock spire formations and fabulous views of the Collegiate Peaks is what Browns Canyon is known for. In fact, Colorado’s wilderness and natural beauty draws in recreational tourism and the increase in quality of life is an attraction for businesses.

It’s a true honor to have the likes of Gov. Hickenlooper, Secretary Sally Jewell, BLM Director Neil Kornze, USFS Director Tidwell, Senator Bennet and former Senator Mark Udall speak at the celebration. Despite work that began by the Friends of Browns Canyon coalition in the 1990s, it has taken our highest levels of leadership to step in and complete the work that almost all of Colorado hoped for.

This new monument will not only be great for Colorado nature enthusiasts and local economy, it is a national treasure for our entire country to enjoy. Brown’s gold medal fishing, adventurous rafting, and scenic hikes will be a benefit for all Americans for generations to come.

Vet Voice Foundation played a significant role organizing military veterans, service members and their families to advocate and express support for the designation by visiting our decision makers in Washington DC, writing emails, submitting articles in local papers and speaking at public events and town halls. When Vet Voice Foundation’s staff member, Garett Reppenhagen, was asked to meet the President in the Oval Office of the White House after the official signing of the monument we couldn’t have been more excited to represent our 450,000 members.

Browns Canyon National Monument’s proximity to military bases like Ft. Carson, The Air Force Academy, and other installations made it a critical area to protect. Our veterans use our public lands to heal from the trauma of war and to spend quality time with their friends and family.

Our veteran volunteers will join the celebration and raft the Arkansas River on Saturday with our special guests, and the incredible conservationists and coalition members, who helped create Browns Canyon National Monument.

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