The Vet Voice Foundation Completes Its DC Summer "Fly-In"

In the Summer of 2014 eleven military veteran staff members and volunteers from Vet Voice Foundation flew to Washington DC to convince decision makers to fully fund the Land Water Conservation Fund and to protect more public lands throughout the western United States. 

The meetings included sitting down with White House Counsel on Environmental Quality and Department of Interior to discuss the many outdoor events VVF has organized throughout the year to help more service members, veterans and their families to access the outdoors and discover the healing benefits of our nation’s public lands.

The team of veterans thanked the Administration, and Senator Heinrich and Senator Udall, for the hard effort that led to the declaration of Organ Mountains Desert Peaks National Monument in New Mexico. Vet Voice Foundation was a critical organization that raised awareness of the massive community support the monument. VVF’s many projects was winning the support of nearly seventy retired General Officers

Each group of veterans focused on speaking to their Senators and Representatives about specific monument campaigns in their states like San Gabriel Mountains in California, Browns Canyon in Colorado, and the Rocky Mountain Front in Montana. These vets were excited for the opportunity to sit down with their elected officials and staff members to work on moving the lands they love into a designated park, wilderness area, or monument. 

VVVF wants to thank the continued service of the diverse super volunteers that gave up their vacation time, family time, and college studies to join us in DC to support the important mission of defending our outdoors so future generations can enjoy our public lands.

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