The Vet Voice Foundation Supports the "Warrior Hike"

In 2012, after returning home from three combat deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, Warrior Hike founder Sean Gobin hiked all 2,185 miles of the Appalachian Trail. Recognizing the therapeutic effects of long distance hiking, Sean created the “Walk Off The War” Program which is designed to support veterans transitioning from their military service by thru-hiking America’s National Scenic Trails.

The Vet Voice Foundation in coordination with Warrior Hike, recently met up with two Iraq and Afghanistan veterans just north of he Canadian border as they finished 'Walking off the War'. 

Tom Bielecki (L)  of Alto Michigan and Shawn White (R) of Olympia, Washington just walked the entire 2650 mile length of the Pacific Crest Trail which stretches from the Mexico border to the Canadian border through California, Oregon and Washington. Beginning their trek on April 13th, they experienced a wide variety of environments in our national public lands from bare rocky desert to forested snow covered mountain ranges. 

Far from the war, they were able to spend time recovering both physically and mentally as they spent their days walking. They hiked an average of 20 miles per day in the quest for their own answers to the issues that troubled them.

Vet Voice Foundation Washington and Oregon Program Manager Rick Hegdahl, met the two hikers in Manning Park B.C. and delivered them to Meany Lodge at Stampede Pass for the annual American Long Distance Hikers Association-West gathering. Letters of congratulations from WA Senator Patty Murray were presented via the Vet Voice Foundation to the hikers to acknowledge their efforts and to welcome them back from their adventure.

The Vet Voice Foundation is excited to build our relationship with Warrior Hike and look forward to next year's 'Walk off the War'. To find out more about Warrior Hike, go here:
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