Clean Energy & Climate Change: Education and Awareness

"Except for our own Civil War, this is the only war that we have fought where we are paying for both sides. We pay Saudi Arabia $160 billion for its oil, and $3 or $4 billion of that goes to the Wahhabis, who teach children to hate. We are paying for these terrorists with our SUVs."

- Former CIA Director James Woolsey

21st century veterans have seen the clear and present threat that our national dependence on foreign oil creates. Currently, with conflicts in two theaters our country can no longer afford to be complacent regarding it's domestic energy policy. The threat of global warming is real and in its recent Quadrennial Defense Review the Department of Defense listed climate change as one of the primary threats facing the United States.  Future conflicts around the world over resources such as water and population displacement due to rising coastal sea levels will occur unless sound actions are taken to curb emissions. No one is more qualified to discuss this issue and educate our communities at home on this subject than those who have served our country especially in this challenging hour. The facts on this crisis are clear:

The Vet Voice Foundation is currently working in Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, and California on a grassroots level helping to educate veterans and their families on the importance of these issues. Through education and grassroots activism our veterans and their families will ultimately bring about change in our society thus making our future both brighter and safer.

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